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Art is a form of expression created using mediums on a blank surface. There are many ways to express oneself in art considering the many different mediums and surfaces that can be used. You be the judge which form is your favorite.

Welcome to the Christina Snider Artist Home Page

The main objective that I have as an artist is to create a finished art piece that not only is appealing to my own eye, but more importantly, my client must also be satisfied as well. That is why I take the necessary steps to get all of my client's ideas and facts straight and make sure everything that is important to the client is included in the piece. While I mainly focus on paintings that feature landscapes and animals, I also do custom paintings, scratchboards, portraits or illustrations. For example, see the painting below on the right. This picture has various elements that create a collaboration of a trip that my clients took in Cancun. I took notes from their stories and highlights from the trip, went through the pictures they gave me, researched the places they visited, and came up with this Cancun collage-type painting.

Having a variety of different things to paint or even draw is important to me as an artist. If you look at some of my other paintings, you will see the various other types that I have done. I have also done drawings, illustrations and other miscellaneous art. Take a look at the drawing on the bottom-left, for example. The pencil can make a pretty bold statement on just plain white paper. Browse through the other works of art that I created with various different mediums such as pencil, ink, gouache and even scratchboard. You can do so by clicking on the PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS, MISC ART, ILLUSTRATIONS or SCRATCH BOARD tabs above.

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The pictures above are just a sample of my style of art. It is obvious from my home page that I primarily paint water, landscapes and animals using bright, vivid colors. But that is not the extent of my techniques or creative abilities. If you would like to see more examples, click on one of the pictures above or go to my PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS, MISC ART, ILLUSTRATIONS or SCRATCH BOARD pages by clicking on the tabs above. You will see that I am driven as an artist and capable of using many different types of mediums. It is very fulfilling to me to create art no matter what the type, style, texture, or medium is. Each new project is just as inspiring as the last.

Order a Custom Painting or Art Piece

CONTACT me today to order a custom painting/art piece of your choice. Whether it be a portrait of a loved one, pet, favorite landscape, destination collage piece, favorite animal, you name it and I will create it. I can also use different mediums such as pencil, ink, gouache, scratchboard, etc. to create an illustration of your choice. Or maybe you would just like something that is more geometric and simplified such as a unique mosaic vase that is hand made to accent your home. Pick the color scheme for the tiles and suggest possible ideas for the mosaic piece. Call me now to discuss details that include layout, size, and pricing.

Order a Giclee Print

A GICLEE (pronounced zee-klay) is a print of a painting that is expertly printed on a canvas or water color paper. A Giclee can be purchased for just a fraction of the price that an original painting would cost. The print, if printed on canvas is professionally clear coated not only for longevity but also for quality. The Giclee printer uses 100% cotton canvas and paper, pigmented inks and superior coating for a finished print that looks almost like the original painting itself. A Giclee print if printed on canvas can be stretched and framed just like an original painting. Click HERE to learn more.